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Amigo Blu and his Family

The Full Story

Hello, let me introduce myself!  I'M AMIGO BLU.  I'm the little one sitting on the dapper fellow holding me. I call him Dad, but you can call him Chris. Mom is standing behind us. Others call her Tina. She worked at our local vet for 25 years before getting to stay home with us. And as for that beautiful red head next to me;  well that's Georgia. She and mom have been around a few blocks together. She was a gift from my dad  while mom was going through chemo. We also  have three other siblings, but we don't get to see much of them. They have grown up and moved away  and now have their own families and lives.  

We live is a small town in West Texas; where the winds blows hot and the tumble weeds roll. 

Mom started to make my signature bow ties while taking cancer treatment. She better now. But the trend has grown, and we want you to enjoy our apparel as much as our family, and friends do. YOU can be Dapper too!

Amigo Blu

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